Trading Business Solution

The Micro Application Suite caters to the Small and Micro business. Such enterprises deal with minimum amount of transactions thereby creating an illusion that modern day computerized applications are not suited for their businesses.

PhlexTrade handles the day to day mundane activities of the firm related to PURCHASE, SALES, INVENTORY and ACCOUNTS.

    • Sales

    • Enquiry | Quotation | PO & Amendment | Challan | Invoice | Proforma Invoice | Packing Slip | Sales Return
    • Purchase

    • Indent | Estimate | PO & Amendment | GRN | Invoice | Return
    • Accounts

    • Receipts | Payments | JV | DR Note | CR Note
    • Inventory

    • Multiple Stores & Locations

      • Cloud Based Remote Database Hosting or in house Database hosting option

      • Multi user application facilitating cohesive operations across departments & branches

      • Customized modular MOBILE applications ensuring real time reporting

      • Customization option available to further suite your niche requirement

      • ISO Compliant functional flow along with reports based on end users ISO requirements

      • Best accepted industrial practices work flow governing the Business Processes

      • Flexible data entry flow accommodating independent transactional entries bundled with Self-guiding sequence of operations & built in lock system; drastically reducing errors

      • User-friendly Excel & Word like interface

      • COPY & PASTE & SORTING FILTERS to expedite redundant transactional data entry. Copy and paste entire transactions or individual line items

      • Multi Branch or company operations facilitated

      • Centralized database of CUSTOMERS, SUPPLIERS, etc. with multiple point of contacts

      • Customizable Supplier & Customer TERMS & CONDITIONS master

      • Customizable Supplier & Customer PAYMENT TERMS to enable compiling AGING data

      • Multiple Stores across locations option for inventory embedded with STOCK RECONCILER

      • Robust Rights Management system – Provides limited or full view of transactions and prints to different persons working at various levels

      • Registers with various filters for data mining of PENDING / ARCHIVED records along with UPLOADED DOUCMENTS REVIEW